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So..the flights are booked, the list of hostels/campsites is written, all thats left to do is pack... ow yeh... and that small matter of waiting 8 whole weeks to go!
im excited! Barcelona here i come! all i can say is i hope to god that it goes better than the 'saucy' weekend in bath!
As far as i could rememebr Bath i thought it was all full of fun and things to do, but so it seems, in february its not so exciting after all, especially if all the major tourist attractions have already been swallowed up and tainted by previous school trips and family outings! cant say the thought of walking aorund the roman baths for the 112nd time realy enthralled me. ok so slight exageration, but thats what it felt like! dont get me wrong, Bath is a fantastic town/city (whichever it is!) but for some reason the whole weekend seemed doomed from the moment we set foot in the hotel. Im sure pink flowery flock walpaper was banned in the 60's along with walpapering the inside of your wardrobe! i guess it was the whole false advertising. just was expecting some form of luxury! after student life for 2 years, hostel holidays and sleeping on the beach, i cant say im a fussy person, and far from snobby, but that one weekend you choose to splash the cash and go all out, i cant say i was thoroughly impressed where my money had dissapeared to....probably somewhere withing the depths of the rhinosorus's stomache (yes there was a life size model of one in the living room!)!!!
anywhos...enough doom n gloom about that!
its just spurred me on all the more to go further afield and have lots more fun.

So the plan is....
...ditch all expectations
...plan for sleeping on a hard uncomforatble matress in a room with 8 other snoring, sleeptalking, sleepwalking, drunk, selly, tired n sweaty people!
...drink some more

and then hopefully if my ickle plan works, itl all be fun fun fun!
so ...until then
hapy travelling all!


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